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Mike L - Hifi Mediation
12" Vinyl
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Mike L

Hifi Mediation

First Word Records

Released: 6th March 2006 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single
Mike-L is one of the UK's leading turntablists, with five DMC finals under his belt in the last few years. Incredibly, he's been producing beats for longer than he's been scratching, and, as anyone who heard his contribution to the Two Syllables compilation will know, he's not been wasting his time. The epic soundscapes of Escape From Burden point the way to Mike's style - bridging the gap between Quantic and DJ Shadow, heavy breakbeats fused with infectious funk hooks and on-point scratching. This is Mike's debut single 'Hifi Meditation' with an album following in the next 12 months.'
"In all there are three tracks to choose from, but don?t ask us to pick a winner they?re all as heavy as each other. Wicked! 4/5"
Shepdog (Freestyle), Keep On
"...these tracks have been a labour of love as the pace and pitch is just right. And just watch a dancefloor go silly to Hi Fi.... You are really spoiling us Mr L!"
Jelly Jazz
"One of the UK's finest DJs, with production skills to match. Stunning"
DJ Magazine