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Comfort Fit - Worlds Falling Apart

Comfort Fit

Worlds Falling Apart

First Word Records

Released: 12th July 2013 | 14 track leftfield/idm album

Worlds Falling Apart is the 4th album from Berlin-based producer Boris Mezga aka Comfort Fit. A self-confessed music addict he has a formidable and versatile musical range—think early Detroit techno, minimal electronica, jazz, broken beat, hip-hop—able to switch styles within a chord change, moving genres as deftly as he moves crowds.

Opening track 'Space Cake Scenario' lets you know that this is no ordinary record – running to almost 11 minutes it combines sub-bass stabs, skittering beats and dubbed out vocals to create something genuinely unique. What follows is 14 tracks that take in up-tempo club cuts (Bermuda, Go Hotrod Go), bass- driven hip hop (Nitro), ambient electronica (Quantum Boulevard, Worlds Falling Apart) and epic orchestral composition (That Holy Moment). Despite the broad sweep of the album each track is definitively his own – a common sonic thread running through the record from start to finish.