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Souleance - Secoue



First Word Records

Released: 17th July 2015 | 1 track merengue single

At this time of year we're all looking for those tracks to set alight the parties, festivals and beaches of the summer season. Last year Souleance's 'Jogar' EP filled that gap, this time around they have delivered once again with the addictive, brassy bounce of 'Secoue'. Taking their influence from the Haitian style of meringue known as Compa, Fulgeance and Soulist have crafted an instant dancefloor bomb. 'Secoue' translates to 'Shake' which is about as appropriate a title as you're going to get.

The track is taken from their new EP 'Tartare' which will be released on 12 vinyl in October. Taking the Souleance blueprint of fun, beat-heavy edits and sample chops, 'Tartare' sees the duo venture deeper into disco territory without losing the hip hop bounce that has won them fans across the globe. For the artwork on this download only release they have again linked up with long-term collaborator Alice Dufay. This time she's taken inspiration from the 'Sapeurs' of Paris and Brazzavile in the Republic of Congo, a perfect fit for her colourful, illustrative style. As ever with Souleance, the art compliments the music perfectly: listen to this track and you know that summer is here!