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Lotek - Ctrl Alt Delete


Ctrl Alt Delete

First Word Records

Released: 25th January 2010 | 5 track lyrical single
Lotek is a name that needs no introduction. From his early work providing the backbone to Roots Manuva's classics Brand New Second Hand and Run Come Save Me, to his solo Lotek Hifi project on Big Dada and the high of last year's Mercury Winning Speech Debelle album, his is a career that is full of quality. This is the first single from his Rebel Hifi album due out on First Word later this year. Whilst the album has a reggae-dub feel to it, this single is a more straight up Hip Hop affair, albeit made entirely from computer noises - a tribute to the Bill Gates induced fury that we've all experienced. With his trademark witty lyricism and a killer hook, Control Alt Delete is a welcome shot in the arm for British Hip Hop, detailing one man's struggle against technology.