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Herma Puma - Synchromystic

Herma Puma


First Word Records

Released: 14th June 2010 | 17 track underground rap/hip-hop album
Herma Puma are transatlantic Hip Hop duo Pimpernel Jones (UK) and Simple X (Chicago USA). The duo met through a shared love of crate-digging for old library records, and began to make music trading ideas and beats across the web. Unlike many contemporary beats-based albums, the record does have a real flow to it. From the moody atmospherics of opener 'Chapel Perilous' to the idiosyncratic nautical rhymes of 'Beneath The Sea' and the spaced-out dreamy soundscapes of 'Sunday', 'Eye' and 'Dream' right through to the heavy rock breaks of 'Psyche Out' this is an album that covers a wide range of sounds without losing it's incredible sense of focus.