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Border Crossing - Starlines & Stellagrams

Border Crossing

Starlines & Stellagrams

First Word Excursions

Released: 24th October 2011 | 12 track beats & breaks album
Border Crossing are three Hip Hop and House aficionados from West London who have grown up with a range of musical influences that have moulded their diverse and mature sound. Alex Angol, former member of Rengade Soundwave and pirate radio collective The Smart Boys, brings punk and reggae to the group, whilst Paul Mulvey brings rock via his father who was a session guitarist and pianist with the Rolling Stones and third member Seorais, who's father was a serious jazz fan, brings his personal take on blues and soul. Arguably their best work to date, this entirely  instrumental body of work is a journey through a variety of different musical styles with elements of Jazz, Electro, and Middle Eastern music woven into a soundtrack that still holds Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae close to its heart.