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Debian Blak - Hawks & Spies

Debian Blak

Hawks & Spies

First Word Records

Released: 9th July 2012 | 4 track downtempo ep

First Word is proud to present the new EP from producer Rowan Perkins aka Debian Blak. The new EP 'Hawks & Spies' is a natural progression for him - taking the template of his debut he's incorporated greater use of live instrumentation and brought his natural song-writing ability to the fore. Unlike many of his peers and no doubt a result of his musical background, Debian Blak is naturally drawn towards melody and harmony, as well as beats (notably with the whistled hook to The Game). The EP also sees him collaborate with vocalist Neo Joshua, whose breathtaking vocals on title track Hawks & Spies make it a definite highlight of the EP. The track itself, along with hypnotic-inducing The Idiot Stem, is the result of a curious desire to base a track around a steel pan hook. Debian Blak explains:

The steel pan is both melodic and percussive. And it's tone has a quality that can cut through a track whilst equally creating an ambience that can add a softer dimension to the song. I love how it can almost sound harsh at times and then smooth and delicate, which kind of represents my music.

The haunting, ethereal atmosphere created by this EP is another step towards Debian Blak developing his sound - we're certainly excited to see what comes next.

"Debian Blak has a post-dubstep agenda with a sting in its tail, to the point of letting rattlesnakes hang out with him in the studio"
Data Transmission
"Brilliant, emotional, technically skilled"
Knowledge Magazine