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All Good Funk Alliance

Slingshot Boogie

Funk Weapons International

Released: 8th September 2008 | 10 track breaks album

Slingshot Boogie is the third album from All Good Funk Alliance (AGFA).

This collection of dance floor bombs have been blowing up the
dancefloors around the world for some time. For their latest album,
they've selected some of their past singles and included some brand
new material, which combined, unleash a cornucopia of mid-tempo funk
and breaks.

Sock it To Ya! starts off the album with a new funk slant to the
classic All Good sound featuring stabbing horns and a thumping electro
bassline that drives the track over the edge. The title track,
Slingshot Boogie featuring Think Tank, is a throw-back to those
classic party rhyme, hip house records of the early 90's, which were
all about having a good time and forgetting the worries of the week.
Super Jam is a song that speaks for itself and is really the
centerpiece of the album, summing up what that AGFA sound is all about
with it's slamming funk breaks, dope vocals and horns, all rocking
harmoniously to that distinct groove that James Brown helped form in
the 1960's. Slingshot Boogie also features some more hypnotic and
serious grooves in the form of REC and Twang and some straight up
b-boy jams on Top Brass, Call it, NY Funk and Blastin´. With
an album full of cuts like these, it's hard to go wrong regardless of
where you drop the needle.