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All Good Funk Alliance

Slingshot Boogie Album Remixes

Funk Weapons International

Released: 8th September 2008 | 8 track breaks ep

A collection of remixes from the 3rd album from All Good Funk Alliance, Slingshot Boogie. This remix album features classic heavy hitters like Flow Dynamic's remix of Super Jam and Malente's remix of Watch Out which are floor tested and dancer approved. Included in this package is Featurecast's uptempo boogie funk remix of Slingshot Boogie featuring Think Tank ripping it up old school style. We also give you ESL Recording wonder dudes Ancient Astronauts whom space out REC in an organic yet blissed out way. Finally, we give you a slew of Sock it to Ya remixes all done completely fresh and different from Kraak & Smaak's head nodding remix to the pop lock electro beats of Calagad 13's remix. As if that isn't enough we have the B-Team remix which takes the song up in energy or Clayton and Fulcrum's jazzed up chill remix perfect for those sunny days on the deck.