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First Word Records

Released: 1st January 2010 | 5 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep
Having made your brains bounce with his 'Kranium Rock', Kidkanevil is back with a tune that should carry a frickin health warning! This is HOT! With One Self's Yarah Bravo spiting like an angelic firecracker over the Kid's colossal bomb-like beats. FIIIYYYAAA!!! The flip, 'The Lo-Fi Club' is a low-slung jazz workout, straight out of a 1940's speakeasy, that rocks floors and drops jaws. Ellington would be proud. This release is already receiving mad props from Mr. Scruff, Diesler, Louis Slipperz and more kidkanevil makes some splendid music. Mr. Scruff, Ninja Tune Amazing, can't believe how good the production is on this Krafty Kuts Sounds like ye got a club banger on your hands - Louis Slipperz, Task Force / Rawdog