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Junes - Circuit Rift
12" Vinyl
Out 9th February 2018
Out 23rd February 2018


Circuit Rift


Expected: 9th February 2018 | 3 track tech-house ep

Forceful grooves and trippy soundscapes here business as usual for Junes, whose latest EP adds to a string of releases getting bagged by those looking to work the floor with tight and atmospheric rhythms. The Galdoors man's flair for unexpected combos is on parade in Circuit Rift, where a UK-style low end is flung into the mix with rough drums and 4am melodics. There's a funkier bassline and rolling groove at work in Awake, this time with rich layers of pads and blips. Brass Hand uses a different palette a sparkling, loopy riff and crisp drums though it's still signature Junes.