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Frohlocker - Circus
12" Vinyl
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Gallop Records

Released: 7th July 2008 | 3 track single
Time has come for Frohlocker's next strike! After Dunkelgold, they proudly present their second maxi-vinyl named Circus, which goes strong with two first class remixes. The title track is a fluffy breakbeat tune with an ear on detail – frisky brass, low key percussion, lovely samples and with a bassline that underlines its club qualities. Dusty (Jazz&Milk, Munich) contributes a remix containing juicy breakbeats and a compulsive bass, both of which give Circus an irresistible groove. On the flipside Dublex Inc. (Pulver, Stuttgart) dress Circus in a very funky club robe which reveals its affection for the dancefloor from the very beginning. Altogether resulting in three very individual tracks of the same name: Circus!