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Sneaky Fox - Welcome to my World/Major Gruber
7" Vinyl
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Sneaky Fox

Welcome to my World/Major Gruber

Grande Buffo Records

Released: 1st May 2006 | 2 track single
Little is known about this label and artist. All you need to know is that 'Welcome to my World' is simply a wonky dubby disco! On the flip, 'Major Gruber' is based on 'Superman' by The Commodores and a well-known organ sample from 'Spank''. Limited pressing run...'
"it's really great...both tracks!!! I would like to play them"
( Wally?s Groove ), Serge
DJ Friction D
"A Major Gruber........sounds great!! fine Congaloop, much funky Guitar and decent Horns and Vocals. Super and groovy."
(Innvision Records ), DJ Ed Royal