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Jem Stone - Top O' The Town (feat. MC Mouthmaster Murf & MC Goldseal)

Jem Stone

Top O' The Town (feat. MC Mouthmaster Murf & MC Goldseal)

Ghetto Funk

Released: 7th July 2014 | 4 track breaks single

Ghetto Funk Multiple Choice Exam

Q1. Finger Lickin' Records co-founder Jem Stone is responsible for releasing:

A) Gas
B) All the bees
C) The 'Skullcracker' from prison
D) Filthy sexy beats that pop and fizzle and generate ear spitting grins of euphoria.

Q2. Left unattended Featurecast will:

A) Excite airport security
B) Get arrested
C) Accidentally become a Peruvian sex icon
D) Properly blow shit up and get all the the ladies pregnant just via his potent DJ sex musk

If you answered D to all the above then do we have an EP for you! Jem produces another V for Vienetta swing-tastic dance floor smasher-upper, with Mouthmaster Murf and MC Goldseal from The Anomalies delivering the machine gun rap attack. Featurecast does his own very special thing, musically puttting on the leather face mask and covering himself in tank track grease and filthy's the whole place up - no one does it dirtier (except for his arch nemesis; Future Cast - that guy is mental Cray!)

Like us, both versions come with dub remixes. Top of the class!