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Papernut Cambridge & Picturebox


Gare du Nord Records

Released: 12th May 2014 | 4 track jangle pop ep

Papernut Cambridge announce a split single release with Canterbury pals and Gare Du Nord Records collaborators Picturebox. The 4-song single features a brand new track from each band, plus vocal swap versions - essentially a Picturebox and a Papernut version of each song.

Picturebox's lo-fi pop musings have been a part of the contemporary Canterbury scene for several years, with a series of self releases and sedate cafe gigs involving tea and biscuits. Leader Robert Halcrow has been a major contributor to the Papernut Cambridge project too.

Papernut Cambridge is the project of former Death In Vegas and Thrashing Doves guitarist, and now prolific underground producer Ian Button, whose ambitious, kitchen-sink-psych-collective debut album Cambridge Nutflake came out on GDN last November.

The two songs featured on this single herald new album material from both bands, both to be released on Gare Du Nord Records later in 2014.

Papernut Cambridge - When She Said What She Said

A cautionary tale of stubbornness, thick skin, deceit, and not knowing the truth when it hits you in the face - how happiness or disaster can hinge on a single moment, and you have to just get on with it. The track is a collaboration with Robert Halcrow from Picturebox, and special guest guitar comes from Mat Flint, formerly frontman of Revolver, one of Button's bandmates in Death In Vegas, and now leader of new shoegaze popsters Deep Cut.

Picturebox - A Nicer Man

A portrait of a man who is universally acknowledged as very, very nice indeed. All his dreams are coming true and everyone is pleased for him cos, if anyone deserves it, it's him. And when he goes home, there are no dark secrets behind his net curtains. He merely carries on being nice, if anything, growing even nicer, if such a thing is possible. As the universe eternally expands, so does his niceness. If you happen to see him on your bus or train, or hear him whistling pop hits of the past as he goes about his business, be sure to give him a smile. You'll both be glad you did. The imaginary video has our eponymous hero played by the late, great Richard Briers.

"It’s not part of any scene or fashion, it kind of doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere but that’s where it’s strength lies, in its sheer timelessness. Like Tim Burgess fronting Fairport Convention."
Norman Records
"Supposed to be tidying the shed but the Papernut Cambridge album has put a stop to that. Very good record."
Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music
"A genuine oddity......thrilling and original..........a rich, evocative work that sounds lysergically English in the best possible way."
Rough Trade
"A stunning atmospheric slice of late 60s mood music."
Shindig, Album Review
"…..Fresh, gorgeous and flooded with vital enthusiasm….. a strange and ambitious mix of beguiling dream-pop, psych, shoe-gaze and brit pop (the kind that doesn’t make my stomach turn) full of wit, charm and sonic mastery."
Gold Flake Paint, Album Review
"Pure pop music without pretence......a refreshing example of the current state of DIY production and values."
Louder Than War, Picturebox Review