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Picturebox - Graffiti EP


Graffiti EP

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 1st December 2014 | 4 track indie pop ep

Picturebox announce Graffiti, a digital EP and their first full release on Gare Du Nord Records. The 4-song EP features a brand new track, Graffiti, from the upcoming The Garden Path album (out early 2015), plus three cover versions, including radical reworkings of two songs by Picturebox collaborators and contemporaries.

Picturebox's lo-fi pop has been a part of the contemporary Canterbury scene for several years, with a series of self releases and low key cafe gigs involving tea, biscuits and music. Earlier this year they released the Swaps EP, split with Papernut Cambridge. Leader Robert Halcrow has also been a major contributor to the Papernut records. Papernut Ian Button returns the favour by contributing drums to Picturebox recordings and gigs.


Graffiti - a short burst of Canterbury indie pop, seizing an opportunity to spontaneously pledge love for a boy or girl (or football club) with little regard for the consequences.

Giving It All I've Got - originally by Canterbury lo-fi legend Luke Smith, this version alternates between monotone robot vocals and wild, 60s live abandon with some classic Canterbury scene Soft Machine style freakout . Whenever I heard Luke play this around Canterbury I would hear this version in my head. So it's nice to get it out. -Robert

Papernut Cambridge - a musique concrete version of the eponymous song from Ian Button's 2013 GDN project, combining random elements and carefully arranged sound effects, by turns unsettling and comical.

Bit Part - a new version of the Lemonheads fuzz pop classic, featuring friend of the band Emily Kennedy filling the Juliana Hatfield role. Emily also contributes vocals (spoken and sung) to Giving It All I've Got.

"Pure pop music without pretence......a refreshing example of the current state of DIY production and values."
Louder Than War
"a delightful new EP......makes me want to go out and get everything else these guys have recorded"
A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed, EP Review
"pAPERNUT cAMBRIDGE' (cover) is insane, but in a good way. HONK!"
Ben Likes Music, EP REview
"Another fine effort from the Gare du Nord outcasts, who’s humble ranks swell with perfectly crafted pop from the sticks."
Monolith Cocktail, EP Review