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Ralegh Long - Islands

Ralegh Long


Gare du Nord Records

Released: 26th January 2015 | 3 track alt country ep

'Islands' is the first single from the debut album by Ralegh Long. It follows two well-received E.P's and a film score (2011's BAFTA nominated Black Pond). When writing the album, Long left London and returned to the surrounding countryside where he grew up. Sitting at a piano overlooking the fields he wrote a debut album suffused with natural imagery. The album, Hoverance, is due in April 2015 and was recorded with a cast of collaborators including TOY's Tom Dougall, Jack Hayter (Ex-Hefner) and string arranger Louis-Philippe (The Clientele, El Records). It is an enigmatic, pastoral record in the vein of Bill Fay and the quieter side of Mercury Rev.

This single features 'Islands' from the forthcoming album, which features TOY's Tom Dougall on guitar, and two exclusive tracks that will not be available on the album.

"“Like drinking a wine none of us can responsibly afford, this is just…classy”"
Gold Flake Paint
"Placing the enigmatic within the classically melodic"
Sweeping The Nation