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Keiron Phelan

Satellite Hitori

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 7th September 2018 | 2 track pop single

Satellite Hitori is the first single taken from Keiron Phelan's Peace Signs album project. This release includes a single edit of the track plus an extended remix by Papernut Cambridge's Ian Button.

The song is based on the true story of the Japanese Space Agency's satellite Hitomi that was launched in 2016 but got the technological sulks and quickly stopped talking to Earth.

So, the song is about communication failure. As in 'why won't she answer my phone calls?'. Phelan imagines that Hitori got bored with dull Earth messages and flew away to talk to someone more interesting. The name Hitori means 'one person' or 'alone' and there's a Japanese phrase 'Hitori ni shite kure' which means 'leave me alone!'
The moral is; never take your satellite for granted.