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Deep Cut - Hanging Around
Out 9th November 2018

Deep Cut

Hanging Around

Gare du Nord Records

Expected: 9th November 2018 | 2 track dream pop single

Deep Cut is the guitar driven psych pop band formed in 2006 around the songs of Mat Flint and Emma Bailey. The band also features Mat's brother Simon Flint on bass and Ian Button on drums. Mat was formerly the frontman of 90's band Revolver, and also played for Death In Vegas (along with Button) for over 10 years up until the early 2000s.

Hanging Around and Still Counting are the first two tracks to be released from Deep Cut's brand new album Differnet Planet.

Mixing an array of influences - the 60s psych rock of The Byrds and the Beatles, jangle, drone, krautrock, hip hop and electronica - Deep Cut return to the roots of their shoegaze/dreampop sound to distill something new and full of energy. Throughout, Emma Bailey's combination of silky vocals and incisive lyrics cast a sheen over it all; hints of Motown and Britpop, the Gallaghers (if they'd been sisters not brothers), perhaps some Pauline Murray and Miki Berenyi too.

"“ the heady bass and layers of shoegaze din recall the reverb-drenched ghosts of Jesus & Mary Chain and Primal Scream, but strong hooks and a muscular sound bring it up to date.”"
Dazed, Previous album review
"“Disorientation is a bold and brilliant record full of summer-haze and sparkling pop songs.”"
Gold Flake Paint, Previous album review