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Papernut Cambridge

93 Million and One

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 9th December 2013 | 2 track dream pop single

Former Death In Vegas (and even more formerly Thrashing Doves) guitarist Ian Button formed the Papernut Cambridge idea after a hazy dream that he saw a gig by them sometime in the mid 1990s. In 2013 he brought them to life by getting a bunch of his friends and current bandmates to collaborate on some tracks for an album. He sent them basic tracks by email, they recorded new parts over them and Button assembled the results into a collection of psych tinged hypnotic dreaminess that has subtle hints of both those former bands, as well as suggesting a raft of influences from The Byrds and Bolan to JAMC and Tame Impala.

This is a christmassy though not outright 'christmas' song about realising the precarious and delicate position of the Earth at just the crucial distance from the Sun where we can survive. A nudge either way would mean climatic disaster. It's clear from this that Button would favour the more wintry, festive option as he namechecks both Kate Bush and Greg Lake's Xmas classics as the soundtrack to possible impending doom....

"Like Tim Burgess fronting Fairport Convention...."
Norman Records, LP review
"Not part of any scene or fashion, it kind of doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere but that’s where it’s strength lies, in its sheer timelessness."
Norman Records, LP review
"but you can't imagine Beady Eye creating the sweet snowflake glam of '93 Million and One'....."
Roy Wilkinson, Q Review
"Beguiling Yuletide single. Appealingly dreamlike...traces of Thunderclap Newman's 'Something In The Air' and even Carl Douglas' 'Kung Fu Fighting'....."
Mojo, Track of The Day
"Great name. Laid back, distortive, floaty....An uplifting, sensory orgy."
Hi-Fi World, Vinyl Review
"A genuine oddity......thrilling and original..........a rich, evocative work that sounds lysergically English in the best possible way."
Rough Trade, Vinyl Review