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Ralegh Long - We Are in the Fields

Ralegh Long

We Are in the Fields

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 12th August 2016 | 5 track alt country ep

One year on from his critically acclaimed debut album Hoverance, Ralegh Long returns with a new E.P, 'We Are in the Fields'

This subtle, haunting E.P picks up where Hoverance left off, with woodwind and picked guitars creating an atmosphere akin to Whiskeytown's Pneumonia or the later albums of the Innocence Mission.

Set once again in the fields around his home, the E.P was recorded over the course of a single day and charts an imaginary 12 hours in the eponymous fields with tracks named 'Morning', 'Afternoon', 'Dusk' and 'Night'. The songs obliquely touch on local history, and are haunted by ghost stories and the immediacy of the past. This sense is particularly true in Afternoon (The Combine), in the beautiful phrasing of 'those who before us walked / the little hill byEmlyn's court / those who stood in windows like this, unnoticed / those who saw what others missed.'

Ralegh's debut album Hoverance was released last year to critical acclaim in the Uk and Europe, Ralegh spent the summer touring, and has just returned from a run of shows in Italy, which Sky Arts praised for 'calling to mind the atmosphere of Nick Drake'.

"Rolls along on a hushed vocal and delicate keys [before] swelling into a richly orchestrated pop song"
Gold Flake Paint
"A stunning new record"
Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio