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Picturebox - Nunnery Fields Forever (Rave Version)


Nunnery Fields Forever (Rave Version)

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 7th April 2017 | 3 track electropop single

One year on from their Songs of Joy album, Picturebox return with the Nunnery Fields Forever (Rave Version) single.

This single returns Nunnery Fields Forever to its originally intended rave sound, the result of a Scrambled Eggs moment when Robert dreamt the tune, queueing for ice cream at a summer fair.

Nunnery Fields is a Canterbury street and was also the name of a hospital until its closure in 2001. The lyrics consider people and places that are no longer around.

Emma Winston, aka Deerful shares vocals on the title track which appears as a full version and radio edit, both mixed by Michael Wood of Whoa Melodic, Michaelmas, The Hayman Kupa Band and many more. The single is completed by Dementio13's radical remix of Crazy Golf from Songs of Joy.

"clear, melodious, Harmonic, soft, sarcastic, and with that undeniable British sense."
The Blog That Celebrates Itself, Interview
"near perfect pop...Everything has a chorus that is difficult to shake, and a melody that is pure delightfulness."
Louder Than War, Album review
"packed with so many sweet tunes it should really come with a warning for diabetics...Picturebox update the fine Canterbury heritage of grand English whimsy"
Thee Psychedelicatessen, Album review
"Picturebox seem to have channelled a whole generation or two's worth of English pop and managed to distill it to the best bits."
A Pessimist Is |Never Disappointed, Album review
"a good listen, full of English eccentricity and quality, albeit wonky, pop."
Neon Filler, Album review
"Blinking lovely. It's like Pulp having some argy bargy with The Bees at an indie pop disco."
Johnno Casson, Album review
"There's something happening in Canterbury..."
Gideon Coe, BBC 6 Music
"That's a jolly number!"
Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music