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Ralegh Long - Take Your Mind Back

Ralegh Long

Take Your Mind Back

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 17th March 2017 | 1 track power pop single

Take Your Mind Back is the new single from Ralegh Long, taken from his forthcoming second album Upwards of Summer. The single marks a change of pace from his previous records. The baroque woodwinds and strings of Hoverance and We Are in the Fields are nowhere to be seen, replaced by a rush of chorus guitars calling to mind bands such as R.E.M, The DB's, the Go-Betweens and Teenage Fanclub.

According to Long, Take Your Mind Back was partly inspired by the heat and light of Japan in summer, and by travelling and touring a lot last year, playing shows through Italy, Sardinia, France and Austria. The heat and excitement made me think about the past, in that way each Summer has of somehow containing all the previous ones.

To produce the album, Long reunited with Goat Girl, Fat White Family and Phobophobes producer Margo Broom at Hermitage Works Studios in London. The record features his touring band, including pedal steel player Jack Hayter of Hefner.

"One of the best singles he has ever released"
Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio