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Papernut Cambridge

5D-EP (Deluxe)

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 17th February 2014 | 11 track dream pop ep

Papernut Cambridge is the project of former Death In Vegas guitarist, and now prolific underground producer Ian Button, whose ambitious, kitchen-sink-psych-collective debut album Cambridge Nutflake came out on Gare Du Nord Records last November.

This latest release is a 5 track EP and 2 videos featuring revised and remixed versions of tracks from the album, plus an electronic reworking of a song by Gare Du Nord Records labelmate Robert Rotifer.

Papernut Cambridge have been attracting admiring reviews and mentions from the likes of Q, Mojo, Rough Trade, Shindig etc since the album release last November, and ahead of some all new material planned for 2014, Ian Button and his band of collaborators are releasing this final set of tracks from the Nutflake sessions.


  1. Elvis Breakdown - special new single version and 3D video
  2. Cambridge Nutflake - special new single version and 2D video
  3. Don't Make Me Admit Stuff - electronic version/remix
  4. Ink Run - electronic version/remix
  5. From Now On There Is Only Love - electronic cover of the track from Rotifer's The Cavalry Never Showed Up album

Special guests on the EP are Mike Stone from The Television Personalities (and Rotifer amongst others) on bass, and three of Button's bandmates/production clients from the world of outsider pop music on gang vocals: Paul Hawkins (leader of Paul Hawkins and The Awkward Silences and author of the acclaimed Xmas folklore collection, Bad Santas), Chris Potter (guitarist in The Awkward Silences and David Cronenberg's Wife), and Alastair Harper (vocals & guitar in Extradition Order).

The Deluxe Version of the EP also includes a 3D digital booklet and a bonus live recording of Papernut Cambridge's November 2013 gig at The Vortex Jazz Club in London where the band lineup included Darren Hayman, Robert Rotifer, Marco Magnani, Ralegh Long and Robert Halcrow.

"It’s not part of any scene or fashion, it kind of doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere but that’s where it’s strength lies, in its sheer timelessness. Like Tim Burgess fronting Fairport Convention."
Norman Records, LP review
"Supposed to be tidying the shed but the Papernut Cambridge album has put a stop to that. Very good record."
Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music
".....sings with the raspy insouciance of Gallagher Jr...but you can't imagine Beady Eye creating the sweet snowflake glam of '93 Million and One'....."
Q, Album Review
"Beguiling Yuletide single. Appealingly dreamlike...traces of Thunderclap Newman's 'Something In The Air' and even Carl Douglas' 'Kung Fu Fighting'....."
Mojo, Track of The Day
"Great name. Laid back, distortive, floaty....An uplifting, sensory orgy."
Hi-Fi World, Vinyl Review
"A genuine oddity......thrilling and original..........a rich, evocative work that sounds lysergically English in the best possible way."
Rough Trade, Vinyl Review
"…..Fresh, gorgeous and flooded with vital enthusiasm….. a strange and ambitious mix of beguiling dream-pop, psych, shoe-gaze and brit pop (the kind that doesn’t make my stomach turn) full of wit, charm and sonic mastery."
Gold Flake Paint, Album Review
"A stunning atmospheric slice of late 60s mood music."
Shindig, Album Review
"Idiosyncratic and engaging..wonderful deceptively simple garage pop 8/10"
NeonFiller, EP Review