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Picturebox - The Garden Path


The Garden Path

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 9th February 2015 | 11 track indie pop album

The Garden Path is Picturebox's first album for Gare Du Nord Records and follows the split Swaps 7 (with Papernut Cambridge) and the Graffiti EP, both 2014. It sees leader Robert Halcrow further combine a band approach (following successful gigs with Ian Button (Papernut Cambridge), Alex Williams (Seasalter Sounds) and longtime collaborator Ben Lockwood), with the lo-fi playfulness of the largely solo Home Taping (2013).

The 9 lo-fi songs (and 2 instrumentals) are set in and around Canterbury with its parks & gardens, churches, rivers (2 channels of the Stour), bustling city centre and further flung supermarkets, with the coast a stone's throw away. Graffiti and A Nicer Man are present in different guises, different instrumentation/mixes and an extra verse to previous incarnations. Others such as Teacup and In Yr Dreams 2Nite have only been heard in gigs. Fancyman, the wonky, brass-heavy theme from an imaginary 70s sitcom, was initially recorded by music technology students from Canterbury College at the city's Salvation Army hall, with extra sounds added later.

Reviewers have suggested echoes of Robyn Hitchcock, Belle & Sebastian and Syd Barrett in previous releases, while Halcrow took inspiration from the likes of Pulp, Suede, Blur and their predecessors in writing about immediate surroundings and experiences close to home. Certainly music from this side of the Atlantic with an emphasis on pop.

"near classic pop music...pure pop music without pretense."
Louder Than War, Home Taping review
"Another fine effort from the Gare du Nord outcasts,...perfectly crafted pop from the sticks."
Monolith Cocktail, Graffiti EP Review
"[Giving It All I've Got] is a darn clever track, managing to pack a lot of fun into its short three minutes."
Neon Filler, Graffiti EP Review
"A Nicer Man is a classic example of Brit-pop for all the right reasons...short and tight, jangly and hooky."
Louder Than War, Swaps EP Review
"Within the first five seconds of the opening title track to this EP I was completely hooked."
A Musical Priority, Graffiti EP Review
"Papernut Cambridge [cover] is insane, but in a good way. HONK!"
BenLikesMusic, Graffiti EP Review
"blinking lovely-it's like Pulp having some argy bargy with The Bees at an indie pop disco."
Johnno Casson, The Garden Path Review
"Halcrow and his crew in Picturebox have crafted something special here. Catchy and direct, these tunes are worth treasuring."
A Pessimist Is Never Disappinted, The Garden Path Review