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Walk Upright - Walk Upright

Walk Upright

Walk Upright

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 22nd June 2018 | 12 track indie rock album

Walk Upright are a fourpiece band from London, formed in 2014 - Denis Liam Osborne (vocals, guitar), Richard Easeman (bass), Dee McGruddy (vocals and keyboard) and Gareth John Spicer (drums). They write pop songs about modern life and the state it leaves you in. Walk Upright is their first album.

At its heart, Walk Upright is an album about community and isolation; about that feeling when you're certain that there's something better out there, but you've no idea how to find it. It brims with rage at the pointless pettiness that sometimes threatens to drag us all under, and with the sort of overwhelming love that you worry might just break your heart.
There are hooks and keyboard lines that echo Elvis Costello's Attractions, plus the sort of gleefully skewed magpie-pop smarts that made Super Furry Animals, Beck and Urusei Yatsura such a buzz, way back when. These are songs that deserve to be sung along to..........

The album tracks were recorded on Thursday evenings at a timeshare studio in Leyton, East London. The studio was in an arch propping up a large road: every time a lorry went overhead, the room rumbled. They had to evacuate mid-recording, sneaking their equipment out in the middle of the night because the gangster landlords had threatened to steal it. It's a miracle the record ever got finished.