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Picturebox - Escapes
Out 21st September 2018



Gare du Nord Records

Released: 21st September 2018 | 10 track indie pop album

Following up 2016's Songs of Joy, Picturebox return with Escapes.

Songwriter Robert Halcrow, Ben Lockwood, Alex Williams and Ian Button are joined by Jack Hayter (violin on The Vicar's Dog) and Mathew Dutra (harmonica, guitar, piano on the co-written GNER) for the new collection.

Comprising 10 tracks, the songs largely concern escape from somewhere or something (the fuzz bass led Divvy Cabs), being on the move (more fuzz on GNER), successfully or not, through choice or otherwise (Uniform). The album also includes 2 adverts in Secret Escapes (clickbait) and Nice Boys' Mobile Disco. Live favourite I Got The Pox completes the set, with an emphasis on simpler, live arrangements.

Recorded in Canterbury, Escapes combines an unabashed enthusiasm for pop tunes and indie hits with Syd era psych, Canterbury Scene and lo-fi. Pop music with rough edges.

"...not just a quirky ode to Canterbury’s lesser known landmarks... Above all it’s a good listen, full of English eccentricity and quality, albeit wonky, pop."
Neon Filler, Songs of Joy album review
"Picturebox seem to have channeled a whole generation or two's worth of English pop and managed to distill it to the best bits."
A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed, Songs of Joy album review
"...lo-fi, bucolic psychedelic pop for the post Brit Pop generation...packed with so many sweet tunes it should really come with a warning for diabetics."
Thee Psychedelicatessen, Songs of Joy album review
"Everything has a chorus that is difficult to shake, and a melody that is pure delightfulness...Halcrow is also able to sing about real-life events and make them sound utterly enthralling"
Louder Than War, Songs of Joy album review
"Blinking lovely. It's like Pulp having some argy bargy with The Bees at an indie pop disco."
Johnno Casson, The Garden Path album review