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Arthur Sharpe & Ralegh Long

The Darkest Universe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 4th November 2016 | 11 track film soundtracks album

Written by Ralegh Long (Singer-songwriter whose critically-acclaimed debut album 'Hoverance' was released in 2015) and Arthur Sharpe (composer of Channel 4's 'Flowers'), the soundtrack to The Darkest Universe is an intimate chamber score played on piano, woodwind, strings and analogue synthesizers. It features the award winning Navarra String-Quartet.

An epic, deeply human tale of love, grief and alienation, The Darkest Universe is the strange, ambitious second feature film from Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley, the BAFTA nominated directors of Black Pond.

"One of the boldest and most beautiful British films in years."
London Comedy Film Festival
"An effortlessly funny, expertly crafted missing persons tale. One of the most refreshingly original British films in years."
Hey U Guys
"One of the best low budget British films I've seen this decade."
Backseat Mafia
"Hypnotic ... a profound meditation on human emotions and fallacies combined with rich imagery and music."
Dirty Movies
"A complete must see...puts Sharpe and Kingsley at the forefront of young British filmmaking"
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