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Papernut Cambridge

Love the Things Your Lover Loves

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 13th May 2016 | 12 track pop album

After spending 2015 exclusively recording and releasing cover songs (Nutlets 1967-80 and the Sullivan's Travels EP) Papernut Cambridge return with their fourth album Love The Things Your Lover Loves and its instrumental companion piece Other Things Your Lover Loves. In a move away from the extended guest list of contributors on the previous records, the line up this time has solidified into a comparatively modest 8-piece band of core collaborators who've come to make up the regular Papernut gigging unit over the last couple of years.

Ian Button and his creative collective of friends, bandmates and labelmates continue to be inspired by melodic vintage pop production and songwriting, and are still resolutely and unashamedly making records that could sit quite comfortably in a much earlier decade as well as this one. Their studies of early 70s pop (the work of Edison Lighthouse, Hot Chocolate, Cockney Rebel etc) for last year's Nutlets project have undoubtedly informed this album, and there are other touches here and there too: Byrdsy space-country.... Psychedelic Furs style 80's VU... Big Star meets ELO guitar pop.... the quirky stomp of the Bonzos or Bowie's Arnold Corns side project.

The song subjects include tips for making relationships work, fidelity, naivety, cults and 'ologies, getting old, civilization and space. There's a song about having a song stuck in your head. Inevitably too, there's a song about the band. Papernut Cambridge have something of a tradition of self-referencing in songs - but while the theme song from their first album in 2013 attempted to picture the imaginary band that Button had once dreamed about, this one - We Are The Nut - updates things to now, and the current, real-life members. It's Button's way of saying that Papernut Cambridge have become a real group.

The main album release is also accompanied by an alternate collection of instrumental, libarary music style re-workings.

Personnel: Ian Button, Robert Rotifer, Robert Halcrow, Ralegh Long, Darren Hayman, Jack Hayter, Helène Bradley, Emma Winston

".....mouth-watering blend of 60s/70s rock-pop.......All the tracks are delectable..."
The Strange Brew Podcast, Album Review
"..possibly the best song written about Chartreuse...fantastic new album..."
Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music
"....takes its cues from the smart, sparkling British music made in the post psychedelic era...It's pop music, but from another dimension....a total charmer of a record"
Thee Psychedelicatessen, Album Review
"..succinct but very satisfying pop nuggets....the final track We Are The Nut easily stands comparison with 'Hey Hey We're The Monkees'!"
The Beat, Album Review
"Button's carefully contained experiments have become reckless free for alls...there's a hell of a lot going on here....All in all, we have a truly, indisputable essential record."
Pennyblack, Album Review
"an album of exquisite pop treats and meditations....the joyful and naïve music of another generation is made relevant, detached from its own age."
Monolith Cocktail, Album Review
"Every once in a while a band comes along that simply makes you smile......a vivid daydream of an album"
Artrocker, Interview
"An experience to be savoured....Delightful whimsy and meta-pop...ELO style guitar pop riffs, Christie-like melody lines and Byrdsy country-psych....Superb *****"
Shindig!, Album Review
"Happy Hauntology for Now People!...incredibly the band have found an extra gear....."
Harmonic Distortion, Album Review
"Their strongest set yet...not a duff song on it....your new favourite band... Terrascope 2016"
Terrascope, Album Review