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Papernut Cambridge

House of Pink Icing

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 3rd August 2018 | 4 track pop single

This is the third in a series of digital singles and extra tracks that make up Papernut Cambridge's Outstairs Instairs album.

Outstairs Instairs takes its title from inventor/architect Richard Buckminster Fuller's idea for a more astronomically accurate way of describing going up or down stairs i.e. outwards from the centre of the earth, or inwards towards it. The singles and extra tracks are being released this way to enable digital listeners to playlist the album/songs in any direction they like.

This single includes non-album mixes of House of Pink Icing including a dub and a French language verison.

Previous support: 6Music, Mojo, Q, Record Collector, Shindig!, The Guardian, Artrocker, Rock and Reel etc