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Staying Still

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 8th July 2016 | 4 track electropop ep

Staying Still is the debut EP from Deerful, the solo project of Emma Winston. Emma is a London-based musician, maker and academic who, after several years spent as a session keyboard player and vocalist for artists and bands including Darren Hayman, Pete Astor, Owl & Mouse and Enderby's Room, decided to begin making music of her own.

Written and recorded entirely on an iPad and a miniature synthesiser, Staying Still is a varied collection of story-led, electronic songs about running away, staying in place, brokenness, recovery, and taking up space in the world. Rooted somewhere between the sparkling electronics of The Postal Service, the oblique and structuralist honesty of Owen Pallett's In Conflict, and the pure pop of Belle & Sebastian, Emma's work represents a unique and quirky take on synth-pop.

Created during a period of depressive illness in the summer of 2015, Staying Still is a confessional and personal EP, but not by any means a hopeless one. There's a feeling throughout of joy around the corner, crowned by the frenetic Two Thousand One Hundred and Sixty which loudly proclaims the close of the EP as 'the place where I begin'. Deerful simultaneously captures in musical form the everyday experiences and emotions that make us human, and leaves us hopeful for even better things to come.

"This is the most interesting sound we’ve come across in the past few weeks…it’s going to be a huge year for Deerful."
For The Rabbits, Review
"A stunningly beautiful debut."
Eardrums Music, Review
"Like a warm blanket on a chilly winter night."
Christmas Underground, Review
"Hits the right spot between nerdie, indie and cute...."
Beautiful Freaks, Review