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Roshi - The Sky and the Caspian Sea (feat. Pars Radio)
CD Album
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The Sky and the Caspian Sea (feat. Pars Radio)

Geo Records

Released: 12th October 2009 | 11 track folk pop album
Roshi ft. Pars Radio is the band created around the beautiful voice, original songs and individual interpretations of Iranian Folk material of Roshi Nasehi . The band features the electronic soundscapes/beats of Graham Dids (Gagarin, Nico, Pere Ubu etc etc) together with classical Cello contributions from Rachel Threlfall and experimental Cello from Richard Thomas (Now). The Sky and The Caspian Sea is her first album release with Pars Radio. It has a beautiful nostalgic feel throughout reinforced by a unique soundworld of live instruments and evocative samples including her own father's violin playing. Featuring three Iranian songs and eight of her own the album is a blend of melody, emotion, intense creativity and a vast range of subtle influences all framing Roshi's astonishing and engaging voice to form an incredibly modern but ultimately timeless album.It is released on Born in Wales to Iranian parents, Roshi Nasehi is a singer -writer who presents her own evocative songs alongside sometimes quite radical interpretations of some of the Iranian songs she was brought up listening to. Her songs reflect her origins, influences and experiences in a personal and unique way accompanied by unusual instrumental arrangements - they are reflective, melodic and quirky - her voice airy and tender but possessed of an inner power. When she interprets Iranian song it is in a personal style bringing a contemporary twist combined with an authentic understanding of context and language. The debut Roshi feat Pars Radio EP 'And Stars' was first released in July 2008 by Geo records on 10 and CD then re-released in Jan 2009 following widespread acclaim across Europe including experimental EP of the month in Mixmag who described it as 'stunningly beautiful Welsh-Iranian electronica torch songs' and a 'stone cold classic EP' . The Wire said it was otherworldly dream pop - especially cool . This was amongst numerous other glowing reviews from Vital Weekly, Ox Magazine, Tokafi, Tsugi Magazine, Camden New Journal and many more.
"at heart a simple, delicate and deeply lovely collection of songs that speak directly to the heart and deserve a much wider audience"
"Truly a magnificent alt-pop album: simple, pretty, delicate. "
Mr Delire, Monsieur
"This album is not so much world music as head music: atmospheric, spooky at times but serene with it. It’ll make winter a lot more interesting."
Arash Torabi, 247 magazine