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Gagarin - Kedr / 3KA-3


Kedr / 3KA-3

Geo Records

Released: 18th April 2011 | 2 track leftfield/idm single
Gagarin is a solo electronic artist recently described in Mixmag as veteran experimentalist - he is just releasing his 5th studio album Biophilia. His previous material has been critically acclaimed by the Wire, The Word, Mixmag, record Collector etc. 2011 sees the 50th anniversary on 12th April of Yuri Gagarins first ever flight and to commemorate this we're releasing a 2 track download single. This comprises 7†style mixes of 3KA-3 †a glitchy, two step-referencing workout named after the code for gagarins Vostok spacecraft and KEDR ( Cedar) †his call sign, which features the man himself communicating with ground control and evokes that sense of exhiliration, claustrophobia and wonder that Yuri must have felt alone out there in Earth orbit.
"contemplative,abstracted,programmatic- a feeling of a drama unfolding at its own pace in their dark geometries, something for repeated listens"
Joe Muggs, Artsdesk
"Retrofuturist without getting kitsch and some good slightly dirty glitch techno no matter the occasion"
Monsieur Delire, Monsieur Delire