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Gagarin - Biophillia
CD Album
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Geo Records

Released: 20th June 2011 | 11 track leftfield/idm album
Biophilia is Gagarins latest full length album. Dids aka Gagarin has previously worked with the likes of Nico and John Cale (Velvet Underground) and is currently an associate member of and regular collaborator with Pere Ubu as well as member of Roshi ft Pars Radio and new outfit Low Bias with Mark B from Rothko. Gagarins music is electronica - with touches of dubstep, ambient, grime and field recordings.

Biophilia continues his obsessive exploration of the interface between pastoral and urban soundworlds. A single from the album has already received great reviews including

approximates some of the eeriest sounds of dubstep, but it's a very personal take: these two tracks are contemplative, abstracted, maybe even programmatic. There is a feeling of a drama unfolding at its own pace in their dark geometries, something to be unpicked on the repeat listenings which it definitely deserves. (JM) Artsdesk

Ultra Deep Global SOuljah

Radioplay on RTE, RUM, Resonance,CLFX, BCB etc

"impresses again with organic and stripped down live analog synthesizer sound that will work best enjoyed under the sofa on headphones."
"Unstable rhythmic concoctions, skeletal melodies, a palette of sounds ranging from agressive to sinewy assembled in an enjoyable and accessible way."
Monsieur Delire CANADA
"The model here is similar to the Orb, where the instincts of the House of Detroit meeting of the Berlin psychedelia It takes part in the distances from the sweet peace of the previous building on gentle waves of space-time ripples of unease. Do not miss the moonlight walks on the disc to Autechre, it carratteritstiche the stasis in zero gravity."
Rockerilla ITALY
"Without a doubt magnifico !"
"violent seismic rhythmic shocks, hypnotic swirls, slow-burning grooves, ambient soundscapes to dubsteb-infused beats"
Bruno, Milk Factory
"Boundary-pushing, genre-defying electronica. Put simply, this is beautiful music, no matter what electronic niche you swear allegiance to."
"By not adhering to rituals of any particular scene, electronica in its rawest form results. 4 stars"
"Melodic, techno inspired music though not really for the dance floor. The rhythms support the mellow ambience - a fine work"
Vital Weekly HOLLAND