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Raf and O - Through the Length

Raf and O

Through the Length

Geo Records

Released: 17th April 2010 | 4 track new prog single
As a prelude to their imminent debut album A Giant In The Snow, Raf And O release a package of mixes - 3 of 'Through The Length' and one of 'Go Find Another Planet'. First up is Raf And O member and label chief Gagarin's subtle poppification of the original - this highly respected sonic explorer goes straight in, leaving no time to run before sowing an army of space ants which chase you to the finale. Next follows widely acclaimed electronicist Robert Logan's steppy deconstruction mix, with layers of magnetic waves washing away the Hong Kong market mist, before the original Raf and O album mix, tender, rich and moody, unfolds to a whirling climax. The gentle surging mix of 'Go Find Another Planet' from Mellodubmarine brings this GEO release to a close.