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Gagarin - Third Rail Remixes


Third Rail Remixes

Geo Records

Released: 5th December 2011 | 2 track leftfield/idm single
This single features two mixes of Third Rail from Gagarins current Biophilia album. Third Rail was described as as good a track as I've heard all year in Music Week and the album hailed as Electronica in its rawest sense in Mojo, as well as gaining loads of other great reviews right across Europe and airplay including on Radio 3s Late Junction. Reviews and interviews since have acclaimed Gagarins deconstruction and personalisation of all forms of electronic music as well as his ideas around sound and nature. Bass Clefs Derail mix gives the original a Bladerunner meets UK Funky rework according to Hackney Centralist Bass Clef adding some serious funk and swing, whilst Gagarins own High Voltage mix extends the original to an epic of swirling strings, noise and thundering rhythm. Both mixes are filled with dance floor sensibilities aimed for serious listening pleasure for open ears and gain massivley from the extend 12 style form they consist of.
"Cinematic, uplifting and exciting, a blend of 90s and dancefloor inspired sounds that sound new and different. Effortless – a truly joint effort."
danny wright, 405
"ups the tempo a bit and wrangles the meandering atmospheres of the original into a more precise bass-music package"
Glenn Jackson, XLR8R
"Top-notch funky experimentalism. The shadowy dreamscapes of Gagarins Biophilia ( yes Bjork nicked his title) make it an essential, and these two reworks take them to new places. His own Maximum Voltage mix is like dancehall lost in a long dark tunnel, while Bass Clefs derail mix turns it into the trippiest UK funky rhythm we've ever heard. Weird and wonderful. ****"
"Bass Clefs Derail Mix is cinematic but with a hint of funkiness while Gagarins own mix is a 7 minute trainride through beautiful soundscapes"