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Roshi Feat Pars Radio - Dont Breathe It to a Soul
7" Vinyl
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Roshi Feat Pars Radio

Dont Breathe It to a Soul

Geo Records

Released: 3rd December 2012 | 2 track urban folk single

On gorgeous 7 vinyl in a hand worked sleeve by artist James English this is an incredibly atmospheric evocation of an extract of this old silent film. All scratches, industrial clunks, ethereal vocals and vocal loops it weaves a spell of mystery and fragility that draws together worlds separated by time and place. David Thomas ( Pere Ubu)s rework examines the detail of the vocals , further accantuating the human frailty of Roshi's extra-ordinary voice and the degraded post-industrial beatscape of Dids' percussion. Its a mininal soundworld but one which shows how less can say more when it is delivered with such individual grace and panache. The record is available in strictly limited hand numbered form.

"With a title like that you know it's going to be a bit on the nutty side and it is. Its quality though. 4 stars"
DJ magazine