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Roshi - Oosh Badaam Ber Goz (Remixes) [feat. Pars Radio]


Oosh Badaam Ber Goz (Remixes) [feat. Pars Radio]

Geo Records

Released: 29th September 2014 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Oosh Badaam Ber Goz is the Farsi ( Iranian ) version of the title track from the recent Roshi feat. Pars Radio album - 3 Almonds and a Walnut. The song plays with the challenges of being an Iranian with a nut allergy and uses a traditional Iranian nut-based rhythm as it's basis ! The album released late 2013 received fantastic reviews from the Quietus, Q, DJ, PRS M and many others as well as Radio play from Radio 3 and 6 music. Roshi decided to commission a bundle of remixes for this track, which has been acclaimed in live performance, from a variety of players on the leftfield music scene. First up is Spaceheads - led by trumpeter Andy Diagram from indie favourites James. He places the tune in a whirl of treated Trumpet and motorik beats to create something that touches on jazz but with a chunky groove that is uniquely Spaceheads. Next up is a stripped melodic techno version from USRNM ( Stuart Bowditch ) - an acclaimed sound artist composer who release under a variety of names and labels Full of aching melodies and subtle rhythms, this is a spacious and beautiful rework. Following this is the very experimental version from leading lady of live looping Georgina Brett which glitches and manipluates the vocals into abstract patterns drawing on her contemporary classical background as well as looping expertise. Last up is from Gagarin - the other half of Pars Radio, member of Pere Ubu and long standing figure on the underground music scene. He goes for an untypical maximalist electronica approach - layers of synths, gltiches and vocals to build a huge soundworld. The band have a mini tour planned for late Sep to celebrate the release with gigs in Bristol, Newhaven,London, Southend and others incoming.