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Glamour For Better - Ryan Vs Roundabout (Single Version)

Glamour For Better

Ryan Vs Roundabout (Single Version)

Ear Candy Music

Released: 28th July 2008 | 1 track pop single
Ryan Vs Roundabout is the third single to be taken from Glamour for Better's Top 40 charted debut album 'Darling you're nothing'. Glamour for Better is an autonomous unit of un-extraordinary kids reared on pop culture between the years of 1979 and the present day. Like many such kids, between them they eventually concluded that their own attempts to imitate what had informed them could be construed as a worthy variation on the many forms that preceded. They do everything that's required to conform to the currently received ideas of what a band is: ostensibly to play instruments at the same time, but also have a title for the work created. Glamour for Better are Charlie Butterfield (Vocals), Ryan Seymour (Guitar), Dan June (Bass) and JJ 'Swarm' Henry (Drums). Charlie picked up a guitar when his hands enabled him to do so and his brain gave him the inclination. Ryan had already done as much beforehand when they met in 2002. In the fine print of music papers and in telephone conversations they enabled meetings with JJ and Dan who also had ideas of some relevance to bring to the collective effort. In this sense a band was created. The four were so inspired by listening to the likes of Test Icicles that they hatched a plan…….The result, Darling you're nothing, is an album of 12 full-blooded songs, bold and brassy, full of drama, wit and melody, that source the past but avoid falling into pastiche. Charlie, Ryan and Dan are all 19. JJ is alittle bit more, and this is a youthful record, full of life, inspired by their maverick DIY spirit, refusal to compromise and the sheer pleasure of music making. Glamour for Better recorded the songs at Ear Candy Studios near London, in the exclusive village of Taplow over a period of two years between the summers of 2005 and 2007, with producer, drummer and now full time band member Swarm. The Reading four-piece ended 2007 on a high after touring the UK with the album to a rapturous response. Gaining support from key players in national radio, TV and press. So far 2008 has seen the band top the Myspace charts, reaching 1 million plays in the process. Receive generous airplay on MTV, Radio 1, XFM, Capital FM, Time FM and Galaxy FM to name a few. Make TV appearances on such shows as BBC 2's Sound and play two consecutive sell out dates at The Albany Theatre, London. Glamour for Better are set to be the band of 2010 and well deservedly. Their eagerly awaited second album is slated for release in September.