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Second Hand Audio - Got It Like That (feat. Dizzy Dustin)

Second Hand Audio

Got It Like That (feat. Dizzy Dustin)

Ghetto Funk

Released: 14th January 2013 | 6 track breaks single

Great things come when great mind work toghether, and nothing could be a better testiment to that than the colaberation between Breakbeat Junkie & DJP under their new guise as Second Hand Audio.

If that wasn't enough they soon needed a guest vocalists to work with. So who better then Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Ducking fame. Yeah you heard. Dizzy jumped at the chance to work with this pair after hearing the fruits of their labours. What came out of this 3 way music hybrid laviathon was Got It Like That.

Got it ? Yeah, Like That !!

When word of this started to spread. People began to talk about who's the remixer to do this colaberation justice. Well there really was only one for the job, Ghetto Funk King Pin, Featurcast!. Who did what he does best. Smashing it out of the park.

To top this already gigantic release off DJP takes the rains on this epic project and runs solo with a rather splendid beefy rework.

In true Ghetto Funk fashion we have had every artist supply a reworked Dub mix to give you every dancefloor option you require and in turn delivery yet another belter of a release.