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Funk Ferret & Imagine This - Apply the Pressure (Remixes)

Funk Ferret & Imagine This

Apply the Pressure (Remixes)

Ghetto Funk

Released: 1st April 2013 | 5 track breaks single

Ghetto Funk continues to fire it's musical love magnets at our hearts and minds (and feet) Prepare to have your trousers properly whisker-tickled on GFD04 as New Zealand's Funk Ferret gets his silky paws on the controls of the red leather GF production chamber, assisted by his incredibly talented compatriot Imagine This on MC duties, hitting you with a primeval force of two drunken aunties at a cousins wedding insisting you join them on the dance floor NOW! The drunken aunty phenomena has been with us since human's first learnt to stand on two feet, invented fermented fruit juice and handed out event flyers made from granite, there's simply no point fighting it!

Funk Ferret has been quietly building up an army of fans over the years, slicing and dicing his own remixes and edits and playing alongside legends such as Slynk, Fort Knox Five, Goodgroove and Stickybuds. He's released tunes on Riddim Fruit, Booty Fruit, Budabeats and Booty Pirates as well as the phenomenal Ghetto Funk Icons series.

Imagine This has a vocal style that screams 'future superstar!' With multiple international releases under his mole skin gun slinger's belt we'll not say you heard him here first, but you are hereby given fair warning of his outrageous talent.

Exciting remixes come with dubbed out bouncy basslines from the irrepressible WBBL, filthy monster funk riffs from the evil genius of The Funkanomics and a down right rude conga-fest from the legend that is Skeewiff. What a package sir!