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Tonic - The Pump (feat. Rayna)


The Pump (feat. Rayna)

Ghetto Funk

Released: 25th November 2013 | 4 track breaks single

Tonic's sonics are back!

He is the musical equivalent of bleach and lovely cute puppies with big eyes and flopsy ears. We've loved this guy for a while, not only is his production utter awesomeness but he also quite innocently assists in keeping Ghetto Funk HQ clean and fresh. He's great on limescale, our sinks simply sparkle! Hobs! Grills! Ponchos! Codpieces! All spic and span thanks to Tonic. Difficulties laundering money? No problem, simply turn the speakers up even louder and Bang! All your pennies will shine like the surface of the sun!

MC Rayna joins Tonic in delivering the kind of vocals we've come to love on her multitude of releases. Where does she come from? She comes from inside your wardrobe! Hiyyyyya! All judo chopping and kung fu fighty! She is Kato, she will attack when you least expect it so keep your guard up and your ribs well covered (Actually we think she comes from Italy)

Remix duties come from future megastar Joshua Casper, you heard him here first! Can you smell that? That's the smell of digital sex wax