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Youthful Implants - Hold That Gyal (feat. Ragga Twins)

Youthful Implants

Hold That Gyal (feat. Ragga Twins)

Ghetto Funk

Released: 23rd December 2013 | 4 track breaks single

Love is in the air! Before you think we've gone all 'Barry Manilow greatest hits' and 'jazz cravats', it's worth pointing out the the type of love we're talking about is of a Ghetto Funk variety. You can keep your power ballads, chocolates and romantic walks, we deal in oranges, nipple clamps, poppers and a long list of tried and tested safe words! Love is in the air? Love is in your hair. (and ours, and the office hamster)

Youthful Implants and the Ragga Twins unfurl a whirlwind love bomb of an EP, 'Hold That Gyal'. Before you know it you've been wined, dined, hog tied, fingered and sixty-nined to death. They're that good! Remixers Tom Showtime and DJ MAARS probably misheard The Ragga Twins and have set up their decks in a hole which they have literally filled with girls, we're sending a team over now to get them all safely out. The ever mucky Skullee takes one look at the goings-on, tucks his penis between his legs and proceeds to dance in a provocative yet deeply disturbing manner in front of a full length mirror.

Only joking Skullee...;.Skullee, leave us alone!...;.Skulleeeeee! Nooooo not the cable ties again!