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Howla & WBBL - Ghetto Funk Presents: Howla & WBBL

Howla & WBBL

Ghetto Funk Presents: Howla & WBBL

Ghetto Funk

Released: 29th September 2014 | 2 track breaks single

It took them an age to wipe the monkey semen from their hair and the dark trauma from their souls but our dedicated and patient team of Ghetto Funk scientists (who wish to remain forever anonymous) managed, over a period of months, to painstakingly tame and train the flying Wizard of Oz monkeys with raw liver and items of Howlas washing basket, to locate him in whatever field he woke up in and return him to the studio long enough to record this EP. WBBL had the ruby slippers and if we're honest, the killer calfs to carry them off...;..which is exactly what the monkeys did with Howla when he got them all aroused with his musk and his poking and his 'i'll get you my pretties! Sit back, grab a bucket of popcorn (being mindful that Howla hasn't cut a glory hole in the bottom) and enjoy the sexual ferocity as these two mighty Ghetto Funk musical monsters spray each other in acrid skunk funk! Nosegay? How very dare you!

"Wow, well done boys, great work!"
The Funk Hunters, DJ's
"Great Stuff"
Ed Solo, DJ
"Howla & WBBL make a cool combo together. Gunfunk is fresh ! Excellent production"
The Captain, DJ
"These tracks are awesome!"
Kissy Sellout, DJ
"Liking Crazy Pavers!"
DJ Yoda, DJ