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WBBL - Ghetto funk Presents WBBL
12" Vinyl


Ghetto funk Presents WBBL

Ghetto Funk

Released: 26th March 2012 | 4 track ep
Little is know about new artist WBBL, some say he was brought up on a diet of misunderstood folk music and balearic basslines, others say he is the first true star to come out of Ghetto Funk scene. Most Ghetto Funk fans have seen the rise of WBBL through our very own weekly Scoundcloud Scour hosted by brandy drinking, squirrel impersonating, Cornishman Spinforth. He first blogged WBBL way back in the summer of 2011, it soon became apparent that this guy had a unique talent. So under the guidance and direction of Spinforth he developed a string of tracks to be given away, each bettering the last. WBBL is an artist to come from within this emerging scene, an unknown artist, but an artist with a style and sound that has instantly got recognition from some of the scenes biggest players. A.Skillz & Featurecast both featured the same track from WBBL in there last promo mixes, a track that first featured on our Scour. So WBBL will be the first ever breakthrough artists to release an EP in our acclaimed Artists Series, a series that has change the scene itself and made super stars of the artists it features. But hey enough of all that, we'll let the music do the talking.
"WBBL is one of my favourite new producers around at the moment"
"One to watch in 2012!"
"Funky, like it"
Daddy G, Massive Attack