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Slynk - Ghetto funk Presents...
12" Vinyl
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Ghetto funk Presents...

Ghetto Funk

Released: 24th June 2013 | 4 track breaks ep

Slynk has a new release out and it's a beast! I know because it just tried to take a chunk out of my ankle as I moonwalked to the bathroom. If you've been following him all these years you'll know what to expect by now; Four towering funk behemoths forged in the dirty grease pits of James Brown's flavela chop shop by mechanics wearing beastie boy intergalactic suits and daft punk helmets, welding on lasers and electro and swag to create the most incredible dance floor bangers the world has ever known. Where is it? It's just over there on that plinth. Which Plinth? Are you kidding? That Indiana Jones style plinth deep in the Temple of Boom! Just follow the trail of DJ's, by now most of the traps will have been triggered in their stampede to add these four golden Slynk bombs to their set lists. The blow darts got Featurecast, A.Skills is covered in tarantulas, B-Side sadly got the spikes. Thankfully they've all fully recovered, although DJP was last seen still running from a massive boulder of rock somewhere in Stoke on Trent and Goodgroove is by all accounts still pinned down by a tribe of angry Peruvian jazz fans. You know you want it! Here's a whip, here's a cowboy hat and here's a bag of sand the exact same weight as Slynk's new 4 tracker. Now Go!

"Proper funky breaks, blow the roof off!"
"We Came To Party, that is a fat beast."
DJ Yoda