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WBBL - Ghetto Funk Presents: WBBL
12" Vinyl


Ghetto Funk Presents: WBBL

Ghetto Funk

Released: 2nd March 2015 | 4 track breaks ep

WBBL returns with his latest exclusive Ghetto Funk Vinyl EP. It has an amazing selection of certified bass heavy funk bangers that will keep any crowd jumping. Little is really known about the artist called WBBL...;Some say he was brought up on a diet of misunderstood folk music and balearic basslines, others say he was conceived in Studio 54 back in the 70's. Either way, whatever story you hear, you know that he has an extensive musical background that has paved the way for his talented production skills and the fantastic tracks that come from the WBBL HQ. First up is a funky groove titled 'Stephen' and you may 'wonder' why it gets your body moving so much, well that's called the WBBL effect. Next is 'Mambo Baby' which will make you don your satin flamenco shirt, get your maracas out and shake them like you just don't care! Third on the list is 'Ryde' that has a gritty feel to it that will make you feel like you need a good wash after it douses you in dirty funk. And finally, with the help from Ghetto Funk's resident 'big hair' DJ/Producer Mr. B-Side, they have created a monster in 'Wooaahhhh!'. Normally this is a term used to slow down a horse but in this case it is the war cry to the dancefloor! So you will find this WBBL EP filled with guaranteed club smashers that have been tried and tested by the man himself as he his now out on the road performing his live sets to the masses. Keep your eyes peeled for the next WBBL instalment in a town near you!