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Basile, TD_Nasty & Neana - Key Amour / On Ligne

Basile, TD_Nasty & Neana

Key Amour / On Ligne

Gang Fatale

Released: 4th November 2016 | 2 track house single

Key Amour / On Ligne is the debut single from Gang Fatale as a record label.

Operating since 2012, when Riz Fresco & Neana began broadcasting a regular radio show, Gang Fatale has grown into an international multimedia collective. 10 Members spread across England, Scotland, France & the USA have previously released 3 collaborative full lengths, various singles & almost 100 radio shows.

This double A side single is by two of our most prolific artists; Grenoble based Basile & Manchester based TD_Nasty. each side is a devoted serenade to the summer & winter seasons; spending time within nature and conversing with loved ones. 'Key Amour' appropriates Terence Trent D'Arby for an optimistic beat designed to be shared, meanwhile the collage 'On Ligne' (ft Neana) soundtracks crisp waterside walks & late night snack runs.