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Gang Fatale - Portal (feat. Riz Fresco, Neana & TD_Nasty)

Gang Fatale

Portal (feat. Riz Fresco, Neana & TD_Nasty)

Gang Fatale

Released: 23rd February 2018 | 1 track downtempo single

PORTAL is the first single & title track from the forthcoming album; continuing from the three VA 'Pleasures & Qs' mixtapes released in the past, but with a clear concept and sound design.

PORTAL might come as quite a change to listeners who know the gang from dancefloor parties, but it is not a spontaneous switch without reason. For anyone familiar with the Fatale radio show on NTS they will know that the Fatale sound switches through many moods; from frantic drum flexes to introversive (call it melancholy) synth loops. It is from the latter that this album has evolved - gang members Basile, Sierre and TD_Nasty have been spearheading this sound for years and PORTAL amalgamates these processes into a concise project.

With features from founders Neana and Riz Fresco, as well as Kieran Loftus from across the pond - PORTAL explores the introspective processes that humans go through every day; from making simple routine decisions, absorbing the actions of people close to us, dealing with grief and the consequences of our own choices. Sound-wise this results in softer, darker, introverted palettes you could call ambient-rnb-instrumental-space-underwater-cavern. An amalgamation of the Gang's sound choices that we hope will take the listener on a journey somewhere meditative, if they can slow themselves down to meet its tempo.