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The Sly Players - the artist series 8
12" Vinyl
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The Sly Players

the artist series 8

GoodGroove Records

Released: 22nd June 2009 | 3 track single
After their debut single 'Turn You On' having such a wide success on Goodgroove, they are back to bring some disco breaks to the floors. San Francisco meets South West England. The Sly Players are Tal M Klein and Slim Goodgroove. They create Disco vs Breaks vs Funk that bridges boots and original production, leaving no musical stone unturned, each Sly Players track is born of Tal and Slim's crazed experiments at throwing the kitchen sink at dancefloors, keeping what sticks and throwing out what doesn't.
"Warning! Playing this record will result in involuntary booty shaking and gatherings of funky people! Play at your own risk! SICK! "
Qdup Foundation
"Superfly disco funk from both sides of the big pond. Rocking these in our sets!"
Fort Knox Five